29 May 2015

Rediscover your true home ....

The good governance and thriving economy that prevail in this natural paradise have earned us many accolades. But our crowning glory is the fact that most who have visited our quaint towns, experienced the warm hospitality and savoured the rich variety nature so abundantly offers simply cannot wait to call this home. Even the whales return annually !

Why don't you pay us a visit too? Come and see how we are finding balance between development and conservation.... how we, together with the private sector and civil society, are making our public and tourist facilities even more attractive without losing the old charm. Come share in a growing economy and vibrant cultural and natural heritage..... or simply put your feet up, relax and listen to Overstrand in harmony.

Sounds like just the place to live and work ? You bet ! After all, we don't call our home the seat of excellence without reason....

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